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(for curious magical adventurers in the middle of their epic story...)

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I was a quiet, but gloriously curious Wild Child.

Filled to bursting with Wonder.

And Sparkly with Magic.

A Friend to all Animals, but not too sure about the humans. I was Happy to Explore and find dragonflies and frogs and rabbits and squirrels to talk to. Even the occasional buttercup would stop me in my tracks, to show me the wonder of being  yellow. I wasn’t yellow, but I could see that the flower was pretty happy about it, and its joy would make me giggle. Buttercup Joy is that Contagious. I think  you know what I mean. 

Image by K. Mitch Hodge

2010 - present



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The adults though. They were a bit of a puzzle to me.

They seemed to have lost their magic, or had forgotten it, or perhaps they didn’t have any magic to begin with. And all of these possibilities made me shudder. But I think it really was some kind of evil spell, because I would bring a little bouquet of buttercups to my Mom, and I would see a fleeting smile, but then she would put the flowers, who were showering her with the best joy they could, in a vase and instantly forget about them. Life was hard work after all. There was no time for the frivolous indulgence of some wild weeds.  I would leave her to her task, quietly promising to myself that this would never happen to me. Do you remember a time like that? I bet you do. 

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Because We were going to be Pirates, Adventurers, people who Travelled The World, To See What We Could See.

To Uncover Mysteries and Treasures, and even find our way into Narnia, by way of a Long Forgotten Closet somewhere. Or perhaps find a Magic Lamp. Or a Wise Teacher would Find Us and we would Learn All The Secrets of Merlin, or go on a MIddleEarth-Like Adventure with someone like Gandalf. 

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But the Sleeping Spell still caught me. Did it catch you? Like Snow White, who took a bite out of the poisoned apple, and Princess Aurora who pricked her finger on the spindle when she came of age, to become Sleeping Beauty, something happened to us. We gave up on our dreams and our Spark kinda fizzled. We left our Garden of Possibilities, Our Garden of Enchantment...and took our place in the Great Illusion. There are many “Reasons” we left Our Magic Behind in The Garden. Afraid of losing those who had expectations. Believing those experts who said that a certain path was the way to happiness. Things that seemed like Harsh Realities. A Misunderstanding of what Reality is, and that there is even a choice... We traded our Magic in for Fools Gold. We entered into the time of Forgetting. It might have been a short time or a long time, some even go to the end of their lives with Their Magic Still Locked Away In Their Garden. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

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I know, because you are here, That You Have Heard Your Magic Calling To You.

Perhaps it is a Quiet Rebel Shout, or a Gentle Noticing of What Makes You Sparkle. Your Magic Is Always Calling To You ~ To The Unique Adventure Of Your Lifetime. This is where The Story Turns Around. This is where The Heroine Remembers Who and What She is. This is a time where She Questions Absolutely Everything She Has Ever Been Told. Where She Begins To Honour Her Sacredness, Her Juicy Deliciousness, Her Inner Wisdom. She Makes A Choice, Realizes That She Is Much More Powerful Than Any Illusion. That

She Has Had The Ruby Slippers On All Along and we all wait with a hushed breath to see what she is going to do or be now. 

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And that is what my Aboutness is About. This is the Journey That I Have Taken.

And now that I Am Back In My Garden Of Possibilities, I Am Exploring. I Am Bringing Pieces of What I have Encountered back, in stories and Paintings. And like the Buttercups Spreading Their Joy to All Who Have Their Ears And Eyes Open, Part of My Adventure is to Let My Paintings and Writings Call You Back To Your Own Garden. Your Own Magic. Your Own Adventure. The Illusion in this Proposed Reality is fading fast.

Time for you to Shine in Your Magic. 

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And Now It Is Up To You.

The paintings and writings found here offer support in your journey out of the Illusion. They are powerful here as you walk among them online, but they are so much more powerful when they are set free to be your companions in person. I have heard this over and over again from other adventurers. But it is an interesting position for me. In no way do I want to be pushy, and on the other hand I don’t want you to miss your Buttercup Joy Moment if a painting is speaking to you. Like an apple tree, I will keep producing apples. It is up to you to know if you are hungry or not. 

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The Only rule here in the Garden is easy as abc

ABC =Always be choosing

What would you like to do now?

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